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Phone number3(375) 228-0693
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)54
Height (cm)171
Hair colorBlonde
LanguagesEnglish, English, French
Are you a smokerNo
In Paris from November, 26 for one month. Ask me for a link to study the reviews. *** Hello dear gentlemen! I'm sure, my friend, that you didn't come here to look at pictures with photoshop and read entertaining things about escort-girls. But I'm sure that you came here first of all for a good mood. And I wish you good luck, because in truth, it's easy to find a girl, but not easy- for the pleasant communication. If you ask me what I'm doing here, I will answer: share with you a good mood and have a good moment. I don't aim to get as many clients as possible, for me the quality of the meeting is…

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